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Hyaluroinc Acid Material Powder articulation injectable Grade

Hyaluroinc Acid Material Powder articulation injectable Grade

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(1) Lubrication and cushion stress
Hyaluronic Acid has the special rheology nature, most meaningful is entrusts with the synovial fluid non-Newtonian fluid the characteristic and the viscoelasticity.When the joint is in the low hit frequency (for example walks normally when), the synovial fluid assumes the coherent solution, to in the joint synovial membrane organization, each organization plane, the ligament and the collagen structure and so on exercises the lubrication function, reduces the organization the friction; When the joint is in the high hit frequency, the synovial fluid transforms by the coherent characteristic into the elastic characteristic, the cushion stress to the joint hit; When the joint carries a heavy load, in the synovial fluid low molecular solute and the moisture content press out from the synovial fluid to the cartilage matrix in, causes the synovial fluid transformation has several micron thickness gelatinous states, transforms by the fluid into the elastomer, acts as slow in the joint gap dies, reduces the pressure which the joint withstands, to the articular cartilage display protective function, also has the protective function to in the cell and the cell membrane receptor.

Hyaluronic Acid and the protein form the compound cover forms thin indefinite form structure level (laminasplenden) in the articular cartilage surface, thickness is 1~10 μm, along with plants is different with the age and is different.This structure has the very strong deformability and the elasticity, may play glide level (slidinglayer) and the absorption stress role, when the joint stress has the glide, this structure may be before the cartilage surface layer to destroy, has the buffer type function, thus display protection cartilage, merit and so on maintenance cartilage matrix integrity

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