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Hyaluronic Acid Gel medium dermal filler

Hyaluronic Acid Gel medium dermal filler

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Filling For Cosmetic Surgery(Injecting Gel)

Product Description

【Products structure   Hyaluronic acidHA for shortis a kind of Acidic mucopolysaccharide macromolecules, it is wildly contained in the anmials and human organism, which molecule is cross bonding by the N-acetylglucosamine and D-D-glucuronic acid disaccharide unit. It shows  Naturally curly linear-shaped, its Sodium salt crystals is White amorphous solid, Colorless and tastelessit has a strong absorptionand Moisture RetentionMolecular Structure as below




                               Molecular formula(C14H20NO11Na)n


     This product is made of High purity Hyaluronic acid, It’s an ideal soft tissue filling agent in non-surgical plastic surgery, the everage molecular weight ≥1.6 x106and inject it into the subcutaneous by very fine needles. to fill depressions of the skin, to make the Wrinkles and creases maximum flattening. It can be used to fill cheek and build the lip shape.

 This product has already got the approbationby the customers both at home and abroad, it’s a high flexible, sterile, pyrogen-freematerial, which has good rheological properties of polymeric biomaterials is filled with the injectable agents,simple for the opearation.

【Product Attribute】   

The high biocompatibility in the skin, subcutaneous and intramuscular; Anti-degradation; Anti-migration;Difficult to absorb;Long half-life; No inflammation after implantation; Mmune response or Foreign body reactionit has a relative stability and biocompatibility in the soft tissue,No skin testFast, safe and effective; good Moisture.

    【Serviceable Range】   

 Shaping  Facial  Contours

 Correcting  Hollow  Cheeks

 Improving  Chin

     Treating  Wrinkles

 Treating  Forehead  Wrinkles

 Treating  Glabellar  Lines

 Treating  Periorbital  Lines

 Treating  Oral  Commissures 

 Treating  Nasolabial  Folds

 Treating  Philtrum  Ridges

 Treating  Lips

 Treating  Neck  Lines



1.0ml/piece   0.02HA-Na0.05HA-Na   0.1HA-Na


【Advantage of Rhytidectomy】

It can keep 10-14 months’ effects.

It can not go into lion face.

It’s easy to get the smooth effects after use to fill the recess on your face.

Fast and safe treatmentscars can’t be left.

High safety and there will be no allergic reaction.

【 Use Restriction】

The women who are in lactation can not be injected.

The people who is allergic with the Pharmaceutical components.

The people who is using the pharmaceutical of Muscle relaxant disease.

The people who has Allergic reaction to Grant's positive bacterial proteins.

It can not injected into blood vessel.

【Side Effect】  

after injection, it may appear the tumidness, rubeosis, ache, ecchymoma and having a soft and loose touch in the injection site, All of the symptom above will get better in one week after injection.

Notes Before Injection

Please do not do face-painting and drinking on the day you injected.

If you are using Aspirin or other Anticoagulant drug, please stop using it for days before you injected, be aware that these may increase the bruising and bleeding at the injection site.

If the package damaged,the preparation product should be discarded.

【Notes After Injection】

It will a little pain in your head after several hours when you injected.

Please don’t do face-painting and drinking on the same day after you injected.

Please do remember that you should not kneadof your face, to avoid of hyaluronic acid has not stereotyping yet.

Strongly require that please do not touch the injected site on your face in 6hours.

Please do not get Sunbathing, or go into the warm place, steam room, or freezing place, To avoid the damage of the filler before Combined with the skin, after injected within one week.

Please do not use Aspirin or other Anti-inflammatory painkillers, and do not eat gingko, garlic, vitamin A, vitamin E, Essential Fatty Acid.

Injceted after 23 weeks, if there still feel a slight lump, please don’t worry,it will get soft soon.


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